Carpet installation


Carpet installation

Creative floors provides professional carpet installation

One of the benefits of buying wall-to-wall carpet from Creative Floors is its team of installation professionals. This is because in order to get a beautiful floor in your home, it has to be installed correctly. By correctly, we mean the work of putting your carpet in place is invisible – no creases, no wrinkles.

Creative Floors makes sure our installers are current in the latest flooring and installation techniques by sending them to workshops and continuing education held by manufacturers and trade associations.

"Our installers will arrive on schedule, ready to get to work". Creative Floors offers a 2 year warranty on the installation.

Before the carpet installation

Your sales associate will brief you on what needs to be done to get ready for your carpet installation. Prepping for the installation includes:
  • Make sure to schedule your time to be home on installation day, you may need to make last minute decisions.
  • Arrange to keep children and pets away from the work site and delivery vehicles.
  • Remove all furniture, appliances and furnishings from the area to be carpeted; natural gas and propane appliances need to be disconnected and reconnected by a professional.
  • Remove the old flooring and dispose of it.
  • Clean the subfloor to remove dirt and dust; a Shop Vac works well in this kind of situation.
  • Clear an area close to the installation where the installers can work and stow their tools.
  • Both the work and installation areas need to have power, adequate lighting, access to water and to be kept at 65 or above.
  • If you live in a gated or secure community, arrange for the crew and their vehicles to have access.

Should you need assistance with any of the preps, please let us know beforehand so we can arrange the service.



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The installation

Our installers will arrive on schedule, ready to get to work. While they are setting up, one of the crew will check the carpet to make sure there are no flaws or damage. Expect the site to be busy. When they have finished installing the carpet, it will be vacuumed. Then, we will walk through the installation with you for your approval. If we need to make any adjustments, they will be seen to immediately.

A Creative Floors installation will meet the requirements to uphold manufacturers' warranties. Creative Floors offers a 2-year warranty on the installation. Visit one of our showrooms in Casselberry or Orlando or call us today to discuss you next carpet and installation project.