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Your family deserves a soft place to land, and our collection of carpet options are just the thing. With a variety of styles and colors, we can help you choose a carpeting options that is beautiful, comfortable and the perfect solution for your home.

Pet-friendly carpet

When you have pets in the house, durability is one of the most important carpet qualities to look for. Thankfully, our selection of pet-friendly carpets enables you to choose durability without giving up on the quality and style you’re looking for.

Cut loop carpet

The variations in dimension of our cut loop carpets give any room a dynamic, designed feel and its durability reduces signs of wear and tear. This style of carpet offers texture and subtle patterns thus balances with other aesthetics in your room.

Plush Carpet

Plush carpet gives you the elegant, luxurious look and feel providing a real treat for your feet! The versatility and soft texture of plush carpet will beautifully compliment any décor style, without compromising durability. A light, neutral toned plush carpet is a great addition to any room and won’t compete with the evolving design of your home.

Multi-Tonal carpet

Add depth and dimension to your room with multi-tonal carpeting. The slight variations in color give the impression of texture and lend unique personality to the design of your space.

Textured carpet

Unlike plush carpet where each carpet strand is a uniform height, the strands in textured carpet are at varying heights. This creates movement and character in the surface of the carpet and shows less wear over time.

patterned carpet

A pattern carpet can make a beautiful statement in your room. Depending on color, patterns can range from subtle to bold depending on how light or dark of a pattern you choose. These patterns are also a popular choice to be made into striking area rugs for your rooms with hard surface flooring.

Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpets are ultra-durable carpets designed for heavy traffic, stain resistance, and easy maintenance. While residential carpet is thick and plush, commercial carpet is the opposite. The fibers are short and dense, creating a heavy-duty carpet that resists crushing and denting. Low-pile carpet is built for heavy foot traffic and tons of wear. Commercial carpet comes in broadloom and carpet tile options with a huge variety of patterns and solids that work together to create a customized look for your work space.

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Great flooring combines beauty and comfort with a realistic consideration for how your family uses your home. At Creative Floors we’re invested in guiding our clients toward the carpet that meets all their needs. Contact us to schedule a free, in-home estimate.

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With in-home estimating services you can select the samples you like the most and we’ll bring them to your door, measure your space and provide a cost estimate.

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While DIY projects are all the rage these days, laying flooring on your own is not as easy or fun as it looks. When it comes to adding this foundational design element to your home we always recommend taking advantage of our fast, professional installation services.

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