Hardwood installation


Hardwood installation

Creative Floors provides hardwood installation

When you purchase your hardwood flooring from Creative Floors, our professional installers will have it looking better in your home that it did on display. Creative Floors is committed to providing you with a beautiful floor and invisible installation.

By invisible, we mean that the installation is the infrastructure for your floor; much like a diamond setting shows off the gem. Our teams install hardwood floors in Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Williamsburg, Kissimmee and Celebration.

Our installers follow the manufacturer's guidelines so that warranties guidelines are met and the warranties remain in play.

Prepping for your hardwood floor installation

Your sales associate will brief you on what needs to be done to get ready for your carpet installation. Prepping for the installation includes:

  • Remove the furniture, furnishing and appliances from the installation area; have a professional disconnect and reconnect any natural or propane gas appliances.
  • Clear an area new the installation as a work area and where the flooring can be stored.
  • Hardwood flooring is delivered ahead of the installation so it can acclimate to your home. Wood flooring contracts and expands to adjust to differing levels of heat and humidity. Manufacturers clearly specify the protocols for acclimating their flooring.
  • Remove and dispose of old flooring, and clean the subfloors. If there are any questions about subfloor repairs, please call your sales associate.
  • Both the installation and work areas will need power, lighting and access to water.

If you need assistance with any of these steps, please contact us and we will schedule the work through our Casselberry or Orlando locations.



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Hardwood installation day

The installation crew will arrive on time and prepared to work. While they are setting up, one of the workers will check the flooring for damage or flaws. Creative Floors installers follow the flooring manufacturer's guidelines so that warranties guidelines' are met and the warranties remain in play.

When the installation team is finished and your beautiful hardwood floors are in place, we will ask you to walk through to inspect the work. If we find anything, it will be seen to immediately. Creative Floors signs off on your hardwood installation only when you are completely satisfied.