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The sale of floor tile in the United States has doubled over the last ten years. Ceramic tile continues to grow as a favorite flooring at a dramatic rate. The increase is due to the fact that over the past twenty years, manufacturers have consistently made significant improvements.

The product has gone from a soft 'knob-back' floor tile made with terracotta-like clay, to dust pressed porcelain tile that is extremely dense and nearly indestructible. When asked if porcelain tile is more durable or stronger than ceramic tile, most sales people will say that it is.

Creative Floors are porcelain and ceramic tile experts

Creative Floors knows that is fundamentally incorrect. Porcelain tile is a ceramic tile type. Porcelain tile has an absorption rate lower than any of the ceramic tile that is available. The industry calls porcelain tile impervious. That term means the limit of water absorption of porcelain will not be more than .5 percent of its total mass in water. Some porcelain tile absorbs only 0.1 percent.

Our in-house installers at Creative Floors do not have the terms confused. Most people refer to them as ceramic tile installers. Most tile flooring they install is porcelain tile. Glazed floor tile is given a PEI rating by The Porcelain Enamel Institute based on their resistance to abrasion.

A decorative layer is applied to a clay body in the construction of glazed tiles. The ratings are numbered from zero to five. The highest grade has a score of five. Very little, if any, porcelain tile is glazed. Therefore, it has no PEI rating.

Porcelain tile does equate with tile that has a rating of five. Ceramic tile covers nearly every clay tile produced and used in the industry. There can be confusion about the status of porcelain tile, but at Creative Floors when it comes to tile, we make sure everything is clear.

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Choosing from our tile selection

In our showrooms in Orlando and Casselberry, FL, you can see that the sky's the limit. We help make the selection of ceramic tile simpler for you.

Finding something with texture is a nice place to start. It sets the mood and inspiration. Porcelain tile can be combined with different shapes and other variables. Neutral palettes that range from light to dark are recommended choices of ceramic tile. This choice provides a romantic ambiance. Big white porcelain tile can be accented with smaller tiles along the grout lines.

Customers from Windermere, Winter Park, Oviedo, Orlando, Doctor Phillips, and Casselberry only have to visit one of our showrooms in Casselberry or Orlando, FL for advice about ceramic tile.