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Functional, Yet Beautiful – Why More Homeowners Are Turning to Laminate Flooring for Their Homes

Homeowners love the look of hardwood but aren’t as keen on their susceptibility to water damage and the need for regular sanding and refinishing through their lifetime. As a result, laminate flooring has become the most popular alternative to natural hardwoods.

Laminate floors look – and feel – like wood and are as low maintenance as vinyl or tile options.

5 Reasons To Choose Laminate Floors For New Homes & Remodels

Visiting a local flooring showroom is the best way to see the many styles and hues available in the laminate “hardwood” options. In the meantime, here are five reasons laminate floors are an ideal solution for new homes and remodels.

1. Laminate works in every room of the house

Flooring options like carpet or non-engineered hardwood don’t fare well in rooms with high water usage, like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. So, most homeowners have to make multiple flooring selections, using hardwood in some living areas and selecting more water-resistant options elsewhere.

Laminate floors are water-repellant and highly durable so they can be used in every room of the house – including bathrooms and kitchens. Also, laminate flooring goes well with any design preference, depending on the stain, grain pattern, and cut of the “planks.”

2. They’re as soft or softer than other hard surface options

Tile and natural stone are lovely, and they’re certainly durable, but they are cold and hard on the feet. If you drop anything breakable on a stone or tile floor, it’s almost guaranteed to break, which can also pose a safety hazard if glass or ceramic shards escape the broom and wind up in tender feet or paws.

While still considered a hard surface floor, laminate flooring surfaces have more give and feel softer and warmer on bare feet. They are also more forgiving when things are dropped on their surface. Will you still experience breakage? Yes, occasionally, but it won’t be anything like when breakable objects are dropped on stone or tile.

3. You can get almost any type of wood look (including rare hardwood species)

Most responsibly sourced hardwoods are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This rules out some of the rare or exotic woods, such as woods sourced from other countries or that aren’t FSC-certified, like Burmese Teak.

However, because laminate prints are created using the latest graphic design innovations, they can be made to look like any wood species in the global market. This includes hardwoods on the “no-no list” without harvesting a single tree.

4. Extremely durable and low-maintenance

Laminate flooring was intentionally designed to be more durable and lower maintenance than natural wood. This has been one of its most significant selling points. While they aren’t entirely impermeable to water damage or scratching, they hold up in high-traffic areas better than carpet or natural wood. Their durable surfaces also resist sun damage, staining, and dents.

Also, laminate floors don’t need special wood cleaners, sanding, or refinishing. Keeping laminate floors looking new is as easy as following the manufacturer’s instructions for wear-and-tear, sweeping (or vacuuming with a hard surface-specific attachment), and weekly mopping to keep them clean.

5. They’re affordable

Like most flooring options (wood, stone, tile, vinyl, etc.) there are variations in price points depending on the manufacturer and their multiple product lines. However, even the highest-quality laminate floors are usually more affordable than hardwood flooring. There is an attractive laminate floor option for every taste and budget.

Let your flooring professional know your budget at the outset so we direct you to selections that match exactly what you’re looking for.

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