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How Ceramic Accent Tiles Benefit Florida Homes

Ceramic tiles are more than just a durable or low-maintenance flooring choice. Today’s homeowners use ceramic accent tiles to elevate their home designs in virtually every living space.

3 Benefits of Using Ceramic Tiles to Accent a Florida Home

There are three major benefits of using ceramic tiles in your Florida home.

1. Design versatility

Usually, we encourage homeowners to prioritize function over form when narrowing flooring or home design choices. However, with tile, we can take a looks-first approach. Ceramic tiles come in virtually any size, shape, or texture you’re looking for – not to mention colors and patterns. They work well in many living spaces and across varied applications.

Also, because it is so durable (more on those benefits next), you have the luxury of starting with the way you want flooring, countertops, or walls to look and then moving forward with design choices from there. As a result of tile’s design versatility, you’ll find ceramic tile options replicating every look under the sun, from look- and “feel real” copies of natural stone and wood options to colorful patterns from cultures around the world.

So, in addition to multiple flooring aesthetics, this versatility translates to a myriad of home accent options, from artistic borders around flooring choices to countertop and wall accents.

2. Durability 

There is no doubt that ceramic tile is one of the most durable flooring and home accent options out there. Its hard, non-porous nature means it is resistant to:

  • Staining
  • Chipping
  • Cracking
  • Etching
  • Water damage
  • Fire damage

Busy households, especially those with children or pets, appreciate that tile flooring, countertops, and wall accents have the ability to look like new even 10, 20, or 30 years or longer when kept clean and the grout is properly maintained.

This level of durability also appeals to Florida homeowners where water, sand, humidity, and an indoor/outdoor lifestyle take their toll on other options and upgrade materials. For example, while natural wood floors are gorgeous, they also swell and shrink due to temperature, moisture, or humidity fluctuations. Tiles, on the other hand, remain uncompromised by the elements or heavy wear and tear.

Florida homeowners with tile flooring and home accents have peace of mind knowing that a spilled glass of water, dropped dishes at a dinner party, or the pitter-patter of sandy, wet feet (or paws) is no match for strong and durable ceramic tile construction.

3. Affordability

Perhaps one of the most surprising things about tile is its affordability. The average cost of ceramic tile is $3 to $6 per square foot. This is markedly more affordable than the average cost of luxury carpet installed with cushion ($3 to $9), hardwood ($4 to $13), or natural stone ($5 to $25). And, while tile can’t mimic the look or feel of carpet, it does a fantastic job replicating the look and texture of hardwood or natural stone.

In addition to first-time costs (the initial price of products and installation), ceramic tiles are also more affordable in terms of lifetime costs. Unlike other traditional flooring, countertop, or accent options requiring repeat sealing, special cleansers, refinishing, or replacement, ceramic tile lasts for generations while continually looking its best – without any special maintenance requirements. The occasional grout touch-ups and wipe-downs are all that’s necessary to keep your tile surfaces looking like new.

Bonus Benefit: They’re Hypoallergenic

The same qualities that make tile durable and low-maintenance also make it a hypoallergenic material. Its hard, non-porous surface means the most potent allergens – dust, mold spores, animal dander, pollen, and other environmental particulates – can’t settle in or work their way underneath. Instead, they sit right on top and are easily cleaned away via vacuum cleaners (or attachments) designed for hard surfaces, a mop, or a damp cloth.

The simple change from carpet to tile can significantly alleviate seasonal allergies and minimize respiratory ailments for members of your household.

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