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Why Shopping for Flooring Online Could Leave You Disappointed

Online shopping has its benefits, but it is not the place to turn when shopping for flooring. While it might seem convenient at the outset, there is absolutely no way to guarantee the product is the right match for your home without seeing and feeling it in person.

We can’t tell you how many clients we’ve gained because they fell for the “best online flooring deals,” only to wind up with palettes of shipped flooring that looked nothing like it did in the picture.

In-Person Showrooms Are the Only Places to Shop For Flooring

There are several reasons why it’s worth it to visit local flooring showrooms when shopping for flooring.

1. You Can See How It Looks In Your Home

Purchasing flooring online is like purchasing lipstick based purely on the display sample or buying a gallon of paint after only seeing a single, small paint swatch at a home improvement store. Without getting real, honest-to-goodness samples and the opportunity to see how they look in real-time, there’s only a slim chance you’ll be satisfied.

When you visit a flooring showroom, you get to physically interact with large samples of prospective products. You can hold them, look at them under different types of light, and compare their textures.

Better yet, you can take samples home and lay them down where the new flooring will be installed or against other material finishes or colors to see how they interact together. Here at Creative Floors, we offer expert consultation and help. We’ll even send one of our professional design consultants to bring flooring samples to you at home!

2. Unlimited Access to Professional Flooring Design Consultants

Professional design consultations are instrumental in the flooring selection process. Clients often come into our showroom set on a particular type of flooring, only to fall in love with something completely different once they’re here and see everything in person.

Also, through your design consultation, you may learn that the flooring you thought you wanted isn’t the best option for the space or your lifestyle. Ordering online means sacrificing the chance of choosing a flooring option that would have worked better for you in the long run.

3. It’s Often Faster (Believe It or Not)

Online shopping has a reputation for being faster. That may be the case for the average purchase, but it is rarely so for bigger-ticket items like flooring. First, supply chains and transportation companies have struggled lately to meet demands and honor timeline “guarantees.” You can wind up waiting far longer than planned to receive your flooring, throwing a remodeling schedule off track.

When you order flooring through a reputable vendor, the timeline is guaranteed. We have long-term, trusted relationships with our suppliers, distributors, and transporters, ensuring accurate flooring delivery and installation timelines.

4. Higher-Quality Warranties

That’s a great lead-in to another significant benefit of visiting a showroom and purchasing flooring materials from a local business: we offer better warranties on materials and installation because we have 100% faith in our products and craftsmanship.

That’s not the case with online companies, who may not take responsibility for any damage they claim happened post-delivery or during installation.

Schedule a Consultation At Home or In Our Showroom

Don’t be tempted by the “too-good-to-be-true” pricing you see online. You absolutely get what you pay for. All too often – That is a major headache. Instead, support a local business committed to installing beautiful flooring and customer satisfaction.

Schedule a flooring design consultation with Creative Floors. We’re a family-owned, full-service flooring provider and have provided 5-star service to Central Florida homeowners for nearly 25 years. We promise you’ll never regret shopping for flooring in person at one of our conveniently located showrooms – or using our Shop-At-Home service.