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6 Carpet Options for Homeowners to Consider

Once you’ve determined carpet is your preferred flooring choice for a particular room or living area, it’s time to decide which type of carpet best suits the space and your lifestyle.

Before you head to a local showroom or schedule an at-home carpet consultation, it’s nice to have an idea of your options.

Which of These Six Carpet Options Is Best For Your Home?

Here are six different carpet categories to think about. They aren’t exclusive, but identifying the ones that make the most sense for you helps to streamline the final selection process.

1. Pet-Friendly Carpet

If you have pets (or young children), we recommend ruling out any options that aren’t in the pet-friendly carpet category. The exception to this would be any room or space that’s off-limits to children or pets, such as a formal living room, dining room, or office space.

Pet-friendly carpets are intentionally designed to:

  • Handle higher-than-normal wear and tear without showing it
  • Resist stains
  • Accommodate easy clean-up after spills, accidents, or a run of muddy paws
  • Provide a soft spot to land without getting caught on pet claws (or toys)

If you want a carpet that stands up to (and protects) your pets and children, start here, and the rest will fall into place.

2. Cut-Loop Carpet

Cut-loop carpet refers to a type of carpet made using both cut carpet at a set or various lengths (cut pile) with areas of carpet fibers that remain looped. Depending on the variations in the sections of cut pile or looped carpet, textural patterns form. These patterns are typically monochromatic but many offer color variations depending on the carpet fibers used.

Cut-loop carpet is a good choice for families, especially if you’re looking for a softer flooring alternative in the family room or bedroom. The cut loop is less likely to fray or tear, and – if it does – the variations in lengths and textures hide any little snags or catches from the eye. The differing textures and patterns also hide everyday traffic patterns compared to most cut pile options.

3. Plush Carpet

Few sensations are more satisfying than a new plush carpet on bare feet. As its name denotes, plush carpeting is ultra-soft and luxurious. During manufacturing, carpet loops are cut to the same length for a generally even appearance (plush carpets with multi-colored fibers can have a textured appearance despite the even length).

Plush carpeting is to flooring what high thread count is to bedding. The yarns are densely packed, with a velvety appearance. For this reason, it’s not the best choice for high-traffic areas (unless you’re a barefoot home) or for kids and pets. You’ll notice footsteps and paw indentations, and it’s easier for dirt, fur, dander, sand, etc., to sink to the base of the yarn. Therefore, plush styles work best for low-traffic areas, formal living areas, or homes without pets or young children.

NOTE: If someone in your house suffers from allergies, low-pile carpet is the best option to minimize the accumulation of allergens in the carpet base and underlying carpet pad.

4. Multi-Tonal Carpeting

Multi-tonal carpeting is one of the most popular residential carpeting options. The carpet yarns are made from more than one color or shade. This adds visual appeal, helps to bring a room’s color palette together, and also adds texture and camouflage.

So, for example, if you have a relatively busy household but have your heart set on the lovely feel of plush carpeting beneath your feet, we’d steer you towards a stain-resistant multi-tonal option that is more likely to hide wear-and-tear or future stains while providing the look and feel you want.

5. Textured Carpet

We’ve talked about texture a few times. For example, cut-loop carpeting celebrates texture. It’s created using different yarn lengths or alternating cut and looped yarns. Sometimes, this is done sporadically for an unpredictable effect, and other times, it creates intentional patterns, as well as movement and character.

Textured carpet adds visual interest via depth and dimension while also hiding wear and tear. It’s also an excellent option for clients who prefer the contemporary and sleek. In rooms where you opt for carpet rather than tile plank or hardwood options, you’ll appreciate the variation introduced by textured carpet selections.

6. Patterned Carpeting

Carpet patterns occur in two ways: intentional variations in yarn lengths or varying colors. Patterns created using monochromatic variations in length are understated by those using bold or contrasting colors to make a visual statement.

Some clients choose patterned carpeting for an entire room space while others select a favorite carpet pattern and have it cut and finished as an area rug on hard surface flooring. Thoughtful selection to ensure the pattern compliments the existing space and furnishings ensures long-term satisfaction.

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