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The Personalized Service Our Customers Enjoy by Shopping Local

We hear quite a bit about shopping locally these days (Think Global, Shop Local!), and that mantra shouldn’t exist solely for holiday or birthday gift shopping. Supporting local flooring businesses across the board makes for healthier community economies and improves customer satisfaction.

Shopping Local for Luxury Flooring Means Exceptional Service

Sure, shopping online may seem convenient, but there is no personal service involved. Pictures don’t do samples justice, there are no professional flooring experts who can take a look at your spaces in person to provide insight and recommendations. Also, there are very few guarantees about quality of the product or the craftsmanship of installation.

When you use an experienced, local flooring company, you reap far more benefits than other online or big-box store options.

1. Unrivaled Personal Attention and Customized Product Information

First and foremost, we work with customers in person. You’re welcome to visit our showrooms to get the ball rolling, especially if this is the first time you’ve renovated your floors and you’d like a big-picture approach to Flooring 101.

However, we also offer free, in-home estimates. That’s where you’ll really experience the benefits of choosing local flooring experts over other, less personal options.

2. Access to a Free Flooring Design Consultation at Home

There is no comparison to scheduling an in-home flooring consultation. At no cost to you, you reap the benefits of a professional design consult with a flooring professional. These home-based consultations allow us to:

Get a first-hand look at your home and lifestyle so we better understand which flooring materials make the most sense to you.

  • See and Feel Your Top-Choice Flooring Samples in Place
    Show you samples of your top choices (and our expert recommendations) in the space where they’ll live. Sometimes, what you imagine will look good based of a sample you saw in the showroom doesn’t look as impressive when it’s set down in front of existing finishes. We’ll continue trying various options until you find the perfect fit.
  • Get 100% Accurate Measurements
    We’ve heard (and seen) so many horror stories from customers who came to us after they ordered the wrong quantity of product due to inaccurate DIY measurements (inherently part of the online flooring experience) or who didn’t realize their online or big-box selection didn’t work or fit with the current subfloor or trim.
  • Reap the Benefits of Material and Installation Warranties
    Because we work with you every step of the way, we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results. Plus, you have double insurance as a result of both manufacturer and installation/labor warranties. If you order flooring online, it can be a nightmare to try to get replacements for any pieces damaged during shipment/delivery or as the result of third-party installers – and you’re left footing the repair/replacement charges.

3. Have Complete Confidence in Your Final Selections

The difference between working with a local flooring professional and winging it online is incomparable. With the first, you have plenty of time to look at all of the options and learn more about them. Your local flooring pro loves their job and is happy to answer any questions to make sure you aren’t choosing a luxury shag carpet when you really need a pet- or kid-friendly option.

We understand that we’re forming a partnership with you. Spending time with you on the front end to learn more about your needs and helping you select the right flooring for the space means you’ll trust us to support you down the road with any future maintenance or repair questions.

Ultimately, you’ll have complete confidence in your selections rather than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Connect With Creative Floors For a Truly Local Experience

Are you ready to reap the benefits of shopping local for your upcoming flooring renovation? Come visit Creative Floors in person or schedule a free in-home estimate and consultation.  We’ve provided exceptional flooring service for Orlando-area homeowners for 25 years and counting, and we’re ready to put all that expertise to work for you!