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How Can Creative Floors Help Me Decide Between So Many Different Flooring Options?

The world is your oyster when it comes to flooring options. However, without expert guidance, that can feel more like a curse than a blessing.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when reviewing the range of flooring types and their pros and cons, which takes the fun out of things.

Inspired Flooring Options: Take Advantage of Creative Floors Expertise 

Scheduling an appointment with the flooring professionals at Creative Floors is the best way to help you decide between all the options. When we’re by your side, you’re guaranteed to choose flooring options that match your lifestyle and design goals while looking fantastic for many years to come.

Here’s how:

1. First, we get to know our clients

Shopping for flooring selections in person inherently makes for a more personable experience. Our sales representatives enjoy getting to know our clients. Yes, we go through a professional selection process that combines the science of lifestyle, maintenance, and durability needs with the art of aesthetic preferences and beauty.

However, we’re also interacting with clients every step of the way, which gives us a feel for who they are. This information also helps us direct their attention to flooring that we know will provide customer satisfaction for years and decades.

2. We narrow down your options based on lifestyle

Looking at all of the options from the outset is overwhelming for anyone. This is one reason why we never recommend starting your search online; you can quickly follow flooring option paths that don’t make sense for the application – and you’re rarely protected with warranties for that. When you meet with us in one of our conveniently located showrooms or schedule an in-home consultation, we ask questions.

These include questions such as: where the flooring will be installed, your household’s lifestyle (indoor/outdoor, kids, pets, pool, gardening), expectations for the flooring, and the level of realistic maintenance in the long term. By the end of your initial consultation, you get the pleasure of looking at a narrowed selection of flooring options that will guarantee your satisfaction and align with your goals.

3. You have plenty of time to make decisions

Whether you’re choosing flooring for a new construction build or a remodel, flooring selections should be fun. This is an exciting time, and we want customers to look forward to their finished flooring with positive anticipation. That experience is rarely the case for homeowners who go the online shopping route. In our experience, shopping for flooring online frequently leads to disappointment.

When customers shop online or at wholesalers, they’re often pressured to make choices in a rushed fashion. You may be told that supplies are running out or that a particular discount or sale is about to expire. Because of the overwhelming options available, the brain can almost “shut down.” That’s a danger zone when it comes to any selections because you can wind up choosing a product that leads to regret later on – and without any recourse.

When you work with Creative Floors, there are no deadlines. You have all the time you need to work through the options. We keep your files in our system, and we can schedule multiple consultations if necessary until you’re 100% sure about your choices. That relaxed atmosphere leads to a very low-pressure and enjoyable sales process.

4. We help you make decisions in your own home

Visiting a showroom is certainly inspiring, and there’s plenty to learn and see. That said, it isn’t your home. While you have access to endless flooring selection samples, you can’t see them in their prospective locations, in various lighting throughout the day, or against your existing paint colors or cabinet finishes.

That’s why we get so excited about scheduling free, in-home estimates. At Creative Floors we allow you to borrow our large samples, not little 3″x3″ samples where you really can’t tell what the floor will look like, take them home and see them in your own lighting and with your furniture. Now, you get to see the samples in “real-time” and “real space,” so you can try them out.

  • What do they look like on this side of the room or that one?
  • How do they feel when you walk on them?
  • How easy is it to clean them up after a spill or muddy paw prints mar their surface?
  • How do the finishes or colors you’ve selected look when you see them up against the walls or cabinets?

When clients have the ability to see their future flooring in place, they get a design version of the “aha” moment. They no longer have to doubt whether it will look as good as they imagine because they get to see what the flooring looks like in place.

5. We have expertise and experience behind us

When you work in the flooring industry for as long as we have, you gain expertise, experience, and a strong sense of which options make the most sense for the clients. Customers who work with Creative Floors professionals benefit from this accumulation of knowledge and experience.

Through our conversations and working through the pros and cons of different flooring options, one of two things will happen. The first situation is the most common; our customers narrow their choices down to no more than three and then know which one they want. In the second scenario, we continually rule out flooring options based on the feedback or preferences shared with us by the clients. In this way, we can typically recommend a few top choices from which they base their final selection.

Schedule Your In-Person or In-Home Consultation with Creative Floors

The team at Creative Floors believes everyone deserves to have a positive and reassuring process when learning more about their flooring choices. In fact, we know firsthand that choosing flooring selections can even be fun!

We’re here to keep the process informative while also making sure you remain inspired and never feel overwhelmed or out of your element. Feel free to walk into either of our conveniently located showrooms in Casselberry and Orlando. You can also contact us online to schedule an in-home consultation.