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Flooring Made for Messy Hands – Are There Kid-Friendly Carpet Options Available to Me?

There is a myth floating around out there that families with kids can’t have carpet. That is absolutely not true.

Sure, some carpet products are better than others when you’re in the “messy hands, faces, and feet” years, but the Creative Floors Showrooms are chock full of kid-friendly carpet options that look great and provide soft landings.

What To Look For in Kid-Friendly Carpet

We know busy families may be unable to visit one of our in-person showrooms during normal business hours. Therefore, we highly recommend scheduling an in-home design consultation and estimate.

We’ll bring all our carpet samples to your door, where we can look at them in the rooms where they’ll make their home – determining which styles, colors, and features make the most sense for your home and lifestyle. This gives us a chance to focus on the kid-friendly carpet attributes, such as:

1. Non-Toxic (Minimal – To No – Off-Gassing)

Your little ones will sit, crawl, play, fall asleep, and lay around on the carpet, so non-toxic materials are a top priority.

Never ever trust product information advertised by online carpet vendors. They often copy/paste general information that does not apply to the carpet you select and order. Non-toxic carpet options are only verifiable through a legitimate flooring showroom, as online offers are not always accurate in descriptions. When you work with us, we’ll steer you exclusively towards non-toxic carpet options you can trust.

2. Stain-Resistant

Not surprisingly, stain resistance is a top priority for families with young children (and pets!). Stain prevention is a leading reason some families opt to forgo carpet in lieu of an “easier to clean” hard flooring option. However, that’s not necessary.

There are so many gorgeous and stain-resistant carpet styles available. These carpets are made with blends of materials that make it easy to soak up and wipe away most liquids, food, and other messes that find their way onto them.

Stain-resistant fibers/carpets are made using fabrics like:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Smartstrand
  • Olefin (Polypropylene)
  • Wool

These fabrics have slicker and easier-to-clean carpet fibers, which means even the stains you found later rather than sooner can be cleaned up with the right products and techniques.

3. Low Pile 

The higher a carpet’s strands are, the more liquids can be absorbed – setting the stage for moisture issues and staining. Longer carpet strands also show the imprints of kid feet, pet paws, or the wheel tracks left by toy trucks, cars, and strollers. While popular with empty nesters, singles, or for formal, less-used areas of the home, higher-pile carpets are not typically a top choice flooring for most families.

Most families prefer to install carpets with a lower profile (low pile) instead. Low-pile carpets are kid-friendly because they require less time to vacuum and are easier to clean up after a spill or accident. Those shorter carpet strands also leave less surface space for dirt, sand, pet fur/hair, dander, and other particulate matter to accumulate at the bottom of the strands.

4. Textured Carpet

There are several different carpet options out there, including high pile, low pile, cut loop, etc. One of them is a textured carpet, which blends variations in a low pile and cut loop fibers that create a textured appearance. Sometimes, the mix-and-match of loops and cut loops are intentionally designed to create patterns.

Textured carpet can be a great option for families because:

  • There are low-pile, non-toxic options with all the stain-resistant benefits we noted above.
  • The pattern and textures look interesting and add visual appeal, but they also help to hide intermittent dirt, hair, fur, etc., better than single-hue, event-surfaced carpet.
  • They’re available in monochromatic (single color) and multicolored pattern options that mesh with any interior style.
  • The low portioned patterns in the textured carpet patterns make fun “play tracks” for cars and trucks.

5. Area Rugs

Finally, area rugs are another great option for families with children. They are available with all of the kid-friendly options previously mentioned. Plus, area rugs can be moved around and changed out as children age or as your home’s decor evolves through the years.

Underneath, you can always have that hard surface flooring that is the easiest of all to maintain – and provides a perpetual stain-free foundation. We have vinyl and laminate flooring options that are softer than you’d think and look great, topped with stylish area rugs made from family-friendly carpet materials.

Schedule Your In-Home Consultation With Creative Floors

The Creative Floors design team loves working with households to select kid-friendly carpet and flooring options that look amazing and can grow up right along with the family. Contact us to schedule an in-home (or in-showroom appointment) to get started.