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The Benefits of Installing Luxury Vinyl Plank in Your Home

There’s never been a better time to seek alternative wood flooring options for our home. There are various manufactured options that look just like natural wood but have extra durability, waterproofing, and low maintenance requirements.

Luxury Vinyl Is a Top Choice For Wood Flooring Fans

Luxury vinyl planks are one of our favorite products for customers interested in affordable yet high-quality wood-esque flooring they can depend on.

What Are Vinyl Planks?

Most people think of vinyl flooring as something that comes in sheets rolled out, cut to fit, and adhered to the subfloor. That is true for some vinyl styles, but manufacturers now offer vinyl “wood” planks to give their wood patterns a more authentic look and feel.

Most vinyl planks consist of multiple layers. The bottom, or core, layers are made of a composite-type material for a little extra give and cushion. That layer is topped with a PVC vinyl product designed to look just like wood planks. The resulting product is softer (and warmer) than most hard-surface options but still boasts a gorgeous, wood-like appeal.

5 Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Wood Flooring

Here are some of the things Creative Floors customers love most about vinyl plank flooring.

1. It’s More Affordable Than Comparable Options

If you haven’t seen vinyl planks in person, we recommend heading over to one of our showrooms or scheduling an in-home flooring consultation. Once they’re on the ground, people can’t believe how the detailed wood grains and tangible texture are just like real wood.

However, unlike real wood – or some of the most common alternatives like engineered wood or wood tile planks – vinyl wood floors are notably more affordable. This makes them a wonderful option for:

  • Anyone who loves the look of natural wood but can’t afford the price tag.
  • Families who want the luxurious look of wood but with the ability to withstand the rigors of kids and pets.
  • Those looking for an affordable but stylish way to update a home for resale.
  • Investors who want to attract high-end renters without worrying about the damage risk associated with natural wood.

2. Vinyl is Durable & Easy To Maintain

Vinyl products are very durable, withstanding the rigors of high-traffic, daily wear and tear. Some of the highest-quality vinyl manufacturers offer warranties of up to 30 years, evidence of how durable these flooring products are.

Maintenance is also a breeze. First and foremost, you’ll never need to sand and refinish the surface. Basic care instructions include:

  • Sweeping dust and other dry particles from the surface daily or multiple times a week.
  • Keep it easy by using a hard surface floor attachment on the vacuum cleaner, which allows you to “sweep” the floor in just a handful of minutes or less.
  • Mop the floor with non-abrasive cleaners once a week or as needed.

With lifetimes of thirty years or more, your vinyl planks will continue to look their best for decades to come.

3. They’re An Ideal Option For Aging in Place

Would you like a home that you can live in for the long-term, regardless of age-related changes or mobility needs? Vinyl planks are a top recommendation for anyone who:

  • Currently uses mobility aids (or has close family members or friends who use walkers, or canes).
  • Plan to age in place rather than transition into an assisted living community.
  • Want to ensure all guests are comfortably welcome in their home, regardless of physical ability.
  • Like to be prepared for anything that might jeopardize physical mobility in the future – even if it’s temporary (post-accident, surgery, illness, etc.).

Vinyl and luxury vinyl planks are on the ADA-compliant list. And, because they’re made using softer core materials, they are also more comfortable for bare feet or when homeowners experience a fall.

4. It’s Waterproof

In our climate, and with the indoor/outdoor lifestyle appreciated by so many, waterproof flooring is in high demand. Vinyl planks fit the bill and are highly resistant to water damage. While we always recommend cleaning up spills or puddles as soon as you see them, there’s no need to panic if you come home after a day away to find the pets had an accident.

Learn More About The Benefits of Vinyl Planks With Creative Floors

Would you like to see luxury vinyl planks in person, try them out in your home, or learn more about whether they’re the right choice for your Central Florida Home? Contact us here at Creative Floors.

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