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What are the Best Flooring Options for Your Nursery?

The nursery is a sacred space in a home, and it also hosts a wide range of activities that require thoughtful flooring choices.

We regularly work with clients to help them choose nursery flooring that provides a soft and luxurious look while still being able to withstand the inevitable “uh ohs” that happen along the early childhood journey.

Recommendations For Nursery Flooring You’ll Adore

Here are some things we recommend when working with parents as they design their nursery:

Prioritize “Soft” Hard Surface Flooring Options

There is absolutely no doubt that hard surface flooring options are well-suited for families. They can take a beating, are easy to clean, and require minimal maintenance. However, some of these materials are harder than others. For that reason, we steer families with babies and small children toward luxury vinyl or laminate options.

Both have a softer and warmer feel than their stone or tile counterparts. For example, if you drop a mason jar on tile, it’s almost guaranteed to shatter. Drop the same jar on luxury vinyl or laminate, and it is likely to remain whole. If it does break, it’s typically not with the same bone-chilling shatter that stops protective parents and pet owners in their tracks.

Use Area Rugs for Pattern and Interest

If your nursery flooring will eventually serve as bedroom flooring during the teen years, you may want to lay neutral soft-hard surface flooring through the entire space. Then, you can use area rugs for color, pattern and texture under the crib or play area of the room.

We can show you a wide range of nursery/kid-friendly carpet that can be bound on the edges to create the perfect area rug, many of which have patterns that are more versatile than permanently installed carpet and can be changed in and out as your child gets older.

While your nursery room rug may work just fine from birth to years five or six, eventually that little “baby” is going to want a “big kid” room. Letting them pick out their own area rug allows them to have a say in the process – and insight into their personal style at the moment. And, of course, odds are they’ll be asking for a reboot again during the teen years.

And, don’t forget to ask us about our closet systems, which can work wonders for keeping their clothes, toys, and books organized to keep that beautiful nursery flooring as clutter-free as possible.

Let Creative Floors Help You Select the Ideal Nursery Floor

We love working with new and budding families as they embark on a new era. Creative Floors has worked with families just like yours to design their nurseries in a way that meets their needs now and into the future. Schedule a free in-home consultation so we can see your nursery space and start dreaming its future into life.