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Are There Carpet Options Available for Pet-Owners?

Have you heard the rumor that people with pets can’t have carpets? It’s absolutely not true.

Here at Creative Floors, we have plenty of soft flooring choices under the pet-friendly carpet label. In fact, if you visit the Carpet page on our website, you’ll see that pet-friendly carpet gets top billing because it is one of our most requested flooring options.

The Best Carpets For Homeowners With Pets

While hard-surface flooring is typically the easiest to clean up after an accident, it’s not always desirable for those who like the soft, padded feel of carpet. Plus, our canine and feline friends are much happier when they have a softer place to sit, lay down, or stay.

And, FYI, not every hard surface flooring option is ideal for pets, either. So, do your homework if you want to mix and match hard surface options with carpet.

Here are our recommendations for carpets that are easy to maintain while still allowing you to enjoy the company of your animal companions.

1. Low-Pile Carpets

We’re not going to lie; the longer the carpet fibers are, the harder it can be to remove stains or accidents that you didn’t see until later. Therefore, we usually steer our pet-owning clients towards carpets with a lower profile or low-pile composition.

These carpets can still have a luxurious carpet pad installed underneath to add extra softness, but their shorter fibers make them easier to clean up when inevitable accidents occur.

2. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Critters and children spend far more time at floor level. For this reason, when Orlando families come to us requesting kid- or pet-friendly carpets, we only show them non-toxic carpet selections.

Some of the higher-end carpets available have a surprising level of toxic VOCs that give off-gas after installation. These chemicals can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin or paws.

FYI: You can only guarantee a non-toxic carpet option when you work with legitimate flooring specialists, as online carpet manufacturers often promote false or misleading information.

3. They’re Easy to Clean & Maintain

Carpets designed specifically for people with pets repel liquids and are far less likely to stain. Most are made from synthetic materials, like Nylon, Polyester, Smartstrand, or Olefin (Polypropylene). These products are treated with StainGuard technology, further increasing their easy-clean features.

Wool carpets are also a natural, non-toxic, and pet-friendly option. Wool has natural stain-resistant properties, so they’re another good option for pet lovers especially if you focus on eco-friendly flooring options.

4. Higher Density Carpets

Carpets are like sheets. The more fibers per square inch, the tougher, higher quality, and stain-resistant it will be. This is because higher-density carpets have more thread surfaces to repel accidents, spills, or other stain-potential scenarios. The longer liquids sit on the carpet’s surface, rather than sinking down through the fibers, the easier it is to clean.

5. Cut Loop or Textured Carpet

Cut-loop and textured carpet options are another pet-friendly carpet feature. By cutting the carpet loops, pet nails, and claws are far less likely to catch or get caught by the carpet fibers. First and foremost, this protects your pet from painful injuries. However, the cut loops also prevent the carpet from developing that frayed or fuzzy appearance over time.

Another benefit of textured carpets is that they tend to hide things like pet hair, paw impressions, and wear-and-tear from high traffic and play areas.

5. Area Rugs

Don’t forget that area rugs can also be a smart flooring option for pet owners. These can be used on top of existing carpets or hardsurafce flooring for more protection along hallways or in areas or rooms where pets spend the most time.

Area rugs typically encompass many of the features listed above in that they’re usually low-profile, may contain patterns or textures, and are easier to clean when needed.

Finally: Quality of Installation Matters

It’s worth pointing out that the quality of carpet installation is always important, but that’s especially true for pet-friendly carpeting.

If your carpeting is installed incorrectly, leaving wrinkles, “loose patches,” or insecure corners or edges, it will show up much faster in a household with pets. Investing in a reputable, local carpet professional to ensure the job is done right is worth it.

Schedule an In-Person Consultation to Pick Pet-Friendly Carpeting

While you’re welcome to visit us in our showroom, we also schedule in-home appointments. That gives us a chance to learn more about you, your pets, and your lifestyle while you can explore all of the pet-friendly carpet options available.

Contact us to schedule your appointment and we’ll show you how easy it is to enjoy soft, comfortable carpeting that can hold up to your pet-loving household.