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How Creative Floors Makes it Easy for Customers to Shop for the Best Flooring Options

Shopping for the best flooring options has never been easier than it is here at Creative Floors. Our team is committed to a customer-first approach, making the entire process as stress-free and streamlined as possible.

Shopping For New Floors is Easy Breezy at Creative Floors

In case you’re under the illusion that shopping online is more accessible than shopping for flooring in person – guess again. Today, we have an uptick of customers coming to us with their tales of online flooring shopping woes, and we quickly become their flooring heroes.

Instead of learning the hard way, visit us first and see how we make shopping for new floors easier than ever.

1. We Provide In-Home Estimates

Nothing compares to free in-home estimates when making selections for your home’s flooring options.

  • It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.
    When you schedule an in-home estimate with us, you can schedule the appointment when it works for you. Your little ones get to stay occupied in their own home with their own toys, while you can enjoy a personalized visit from flooring experts in cozy clothes while sipping a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Customized sales experience.
    You get personal access to a friendly flooring expert who can answer any questions. We also point out things you may not have thought about based on what we learn through conversation and first-hand assessment of your household’s needs.
  • Viewing flooring samples up close.
    You’ll see samples of flooring options in “real-time” in your home. We’ll carry them from room to room so you can experience what they look like against existing features (or other subcontractors’ samples) and under different lighting sources (natural, bright, shadowed, LED/Fluorescent bulbs, and so on).
  • The ability to touch and stand on samples.
    You can read descriptions of flooring all day long, but nothing compares to feeling them on your own. How textured is textured when it comes to tile or vinyl “wood flooring” options? Are vinyl planks as comfortable on your feet as laminate? What shows up on one flooring that’s better hidden by another?

Answers to these and other questions are revealed during in-home appointments.

2. We Have Two Conveniently Located Orlando-Area Locations

That said, many customers prefer to begin the flooring selection journey in one of our two conveniently located showrooms. We’ve served our local communities of Orlando and Casselberry as their most trusted full-service flooring provider for more than three decades (and counting).

Visiting the showroom closest to you provides the opportunity to tell us about your upcoming renovation, remodel, or flooring replacement. We’ll discuss your short- and long-term goals and help you narrow your choices. From there, you can schedule an in-person appointment to view top prospects at home, making it easier to decide.

3. FREE Design Consultations

There’s no need to hire a professional designer unless you want to. Our design team offers all of the perks of an independent designer without any fees. This is an added value of hundreds of dollars. Again, our designers are always happy to schedule appointments in your home where we can make personalized recommendations about flooring and color choices based on style, preferences, and needs.

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the options available? That’s normal. If you aren’t sure about what you want, need, or prefer, Creative Floors designers gently guide you toward your preferences by asking detailed questions or showing you examples of other clients’ homes that have a similar style so you can see real-life outcomes.

4. In-House Financing

Are you in need of new flooring but don’t have the cash on hand? We offer in-house financing at reasonable interest rates for qualifying customers. This means you can have your first-choice luxury flooring option for a small monthly payment.

High-quality, durable flooring pays for itself and then some in terms of longevity and its resistance to staining, damage, or continuous repair/replacement. So, spending a little bit more today pays off in the long run, literally and figuratively. Let us know if you’re interested in financing flooring, and we’ll run some numbers for you.

5. Ease of Installation

By far, finalizing flooring selections is the hardest part of the process. Once that’s done, the rest is easy. We’ll find a flooring installation date that works for you and a few basic recommendations to prepare your home – and yourselves for the process.

The time it takes to rip out old flooring, clean and prepare the surfaces, and install the new flooring depends on the size of the space(s) in question – as well as materials selections. Our team will let you know precisely how long it should take so there won’t be any surprises.

Ready to Start Shopping For Future Flooring Options?

Schedule your in-home consultation with Creative Floors or visit us at one of our two showrooms. We can’t wait to show you what a difference it makes when you work with kind, customer-oriented professionals dedicated to your lifetime flooring satisfaction. Let’s get started!