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How Creative Floors Can Help With Interior Design Consultation

Where do you get most of your ideas for upcoming remodeling and renovation projects? We’re guessing that Pinterest and other online design hubs features are on that list. However, there is so much more to think about than how things look.

That’s where a design consultation provides invaluable benefits to homeowners, helping them to make decisions about flooring and other aspects of their remodel or interior design so the choices they make today look just as relevant tomorrow and beyond.

3 Ways Creative Floors Design Consultations Benefit Remodeling & Interior Design Projects

Did you know that Creative Floors does bathroom remodeling in addition to designing and installing flooring? Our design consultants have years and decades of experience helping homeowners make choices affecting every aspect of their home’s design, and we enjoy sharing that expertise with customers.

The flooring you choose becomes a literal foundation for your living spaces’ look, feel, and function, so we take a multifaceted approach when working with our clients.

1. We Get to Know Your Current & Future Needs

During your design consult, we’ll talk about your household and lifestyle as they are now – and what that might look like in the future.

This includes questions about:

  • Whether or not you have kids? If so, what are their ages?
  • Do you have pets or plan to?
  • Is your home a frequent entertainment spot for family and friends?
  • Do you plan to age in place? OR do you have senior family members or friends with mobility issues?
  • What do you like and not like about your current flooring?
  • Will the home become a vacation or long-term rental in less than five years?
  • And more.

The resulting information we glean supports every aspect of your home improvement journey because the questions we ask and the options we highlight help clients learn what to think about when they make all of the other decisions related to the project.

2. We Talk About Lighting & Color Preferences/Selections 

We understand that you have so many choices about the best flooring – and everything else – for your home. That’s one of the reasons It’s amazing how much the colors you choose for walls, cabinetry, curtains, and so on affect the way flooring looks.

So, when you visit our showroom or schedule an in-home consultation, we want to see what you’re thinking about (or what you’ve already selected) to ensure it will support the inherent beauty of your flooring selection(s).

For example, depending on the sheen of porcelain floor tile, it might reflect the colors that bounce off walls or cabinets or filter through window coverings, affecting how those tiles look. Or, if you don’t think about the undertones in a hardwood or faux-wood flooring grain, you can wind up with a poor color match with the interior design palette.

We’ll help you learn how to:

  • Balance your wall and other color choices with flooring undertones for better balance.
  • Select wall colors based on whether you’ve chosen light or dark flooring (and vice versa).
  • Make the best choices depending on whether your tastes lean towards bold colors that make a statement or more neutral or timeless hues.

In addition to preventing you from making expensive mistakes that take away from – rather than elevate – flooring and interior design choices, customers usually leave our showrooms talking about how much they’ve learned through the process.

3. We Support All Aspects of Your Design 

While we would never go so far as to say that working with us is like getting free interior design help, there are certainly elements of truth to it.

It’s not like an interior design expert can turn their passions on and off – exclusively sharing flooring or tile expertise and nothing else. So, when you schedule an in-home design consultation, you benefit from all of our flooring and design expertise right in your home. That gives you the chance to see flooring, as well as different tile options, in place.

We recommend having cabinet, countertop, and paint colors as well so that you canget a better idea of how everything looks when it’s together. Or, if you’re starting with flooring and working up from there, we can provide samples for you to take as you work with your countertop or cabinet vendors.

We can also discuss backsplash and accent tile options that take your design to the next level or help tie contrasting design elements together.

Start the Design Process With Support From Creative Floors Design Pros

Scheduling a design consultation with Creative Floors is a smart way to begin the design-build process. Our design professionals are here to provide expert information, recommendations, and tips to ensure all of your design components look as amazing as your floors. Contact us now, and let’s start transforming those ideas into action!