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Where Can You Find the Best Flooring Options in the Orlando-Area?

With the proper guidance, high-quality materials, and installation, Florida homeowners should only have to replace their flooring once or twice in a lifetime

However, that level of return on your investment (ROI) only happens when you work with local, experienced, in-person flooring experts.

Creative Floors: Orlando’s Best Showroom for Flooring Options

When you’re ready to choose flooring that will stand the test of time, lasting a couple of decades or more, Creative Floors is here for you. And, when we say “here for you” – we mean it.

If you can’t come to the flooring options, the flooring options come right to your door via Creative Floors’s FREE, in-home flooring consultations and estimates.

Work With Professional Designers

Our in-person showrooms in Orlando and Casselberry allow clients to experience the highest-quality flooring products in person. Our incredible team of designers will work with you to select flooring that aligns with your lifestyle.

And, because they’re all professional designers, they can also provide valuable input for you as you envision your upcoming home remodel and renovation.

Access To The Best Flooring Options On the Market

Creative Floors has provided exceptional flooring design, products, and installation services to Orlando home and business owners for over 25 years. We knew from the outset that the only way to provide ultimate customer satisfaction – and flooring that stands the test of time – was to offer the highest-quality flooring materials on the market.

Timeless Engineered Hardwood 

Hardwood flooring continues to be one of the most popular hard surface flooring choices—even hundreds of years later. Hardwood’s aesthetic is incredibly adaptable, working with any design preference, from contemporary and traditional to eclectic.

Engineered hardwood in Florida is the most commonly used hardwood flooring option. These products perform better when it comes to moisture exposure and an indoor/outdoor lifestyle but still give you all the style options and natural beauty that only real wood can provide.

Vinyl Flooring Options

Vinyl flooring went underground for a while, being associated with pre-90s decor. That’s all changed now with the introduction of luxury vinyl. Evolving digital innovations mean vinyl flooring replicates natural wood and stone, looking remarkably like the real thing.

In addition to requiring less maintenance than natural wood or stone flooring does (sealing, grout repairs, etc.), vinyl planks and tiles have a softer underfloor layer, which makes them a softer landing for kids, pets, or those accidentally dropped mugs and glasses.

Ever-Versatile Tiles

Like vinyl, tile flooring is also incredibly versatile. Available in a seemingly infinite array of colors and patterns, our tile options look so much like natural stone and wood that people can’t believe they’re tile.

Tile flooring can last a lifetime (or two) and is one of the most accessible options to maintain year in and year out.

Innovative Carpet 

Some people make the mistake of thinking there’s no such thing as a family-friendly or pet-friendly carpet. We’re here to show you otherwise  Yes, hard-surface options are a favorite for families with kids and pets.

However, we also have several carpet lines with stain-proof and resilient carpet options that hold up in busy and high-traffic areas.

Creative Floors Has Flooring Options For Every Household

Are you in the market for high-quality flooring that enhances the look and function of your home? Creative Floors has it all.

Befor settle for a very small selection of flooring options, come on by and visit us in one of our two convenient locations, or schedule an in-home consultation where you can review your options and get professional design input at home.