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Why Do Homeowners Choose Laminate Flooring for Their Homes?

Are you thinking about how to achieve the gorgeous appearance of hardwood without having to worry about potential moisture damage or the routine sanding/finishing hardwood floors require? You’re not alone.

Laminate flooring is a popular choice, especially for Central Florida homeowners who know our climate isn’t ideal for moisture-sensitive flooring materials.

7 Reasons Laminate Floors Are Popular For Florida Homeowners

Here are some of the most common reasons our clients choose laminate floors when building or remodeling their homes.

1. It Looks Like Their Favorite Wood Species

Wood flooring works in any home design, whether you’re a devoted traditionalist or prefer sleek, contemporary aesthetics. Laminate flooring is made to replicate every wood type typically installed by hardwood enthusiasts.

Even better, you can’t get laminate flooring that looks like softer woods that aren’t as suited for flooring applications, like pine.

2. There Are Waterproof Options

Laminate has always been able to withstand a water or liquid spill (including pet accidents), but manufacturers still recommended quick liquid cleanup to prevent warping or damage to the underlayment. These floors were best suited to main living areas, hallways, or a 1/2-bathroom that didn’t have a shower and tub.

Today, flooring manufacturers offer waterproof laminate options that can be used in bathrooms and the kitchen. Let us know if you’d like to use laminate throughout your house, and we’ll steer you to high-quality, waterproof laminate flooring selections.

3. Laminate is Easy to Maintain

We already mentioned its water-resistant properties, but that’s just one of the things that makes laminate flooring easy to maintain. Spills wipe up easily, and the flooring requires minimal attention to keep it looking new.

The standard floor care for laminate includes:

  • Using a soft bristled broom or microfiber cloth to clear it of dry dust/debris
  • OR vacuuming it with a hard floor-specific attachment
  • Mopping with a non-abrasive cleanser diluted with water

You can also make your own laminate mopping “solution” by mixing a gallon of water with a capful of PH neutral cleaner great for minimizing pet odors.

There is no need to:

  •  Sand
  • Refinish
  • Polish
  • Seal
  • Etc.

We 100% believe homeowners are happiest when they choose interior design features that match their ability to maintain them. If ease of maintenance is a top priority, add laminate floors to your list of prospective flooring options.

4. Laminate is Durable (Ideal for Households With Children or Pets)

Hardwood floors are easily scratched by pet paws or the wear and tear of active young children. If you’re a busy family, laminate makes sense.

Laminate is one of our top flooring recommendations for families in Central Florida because, in addition to putting up with paws, claws, and the occasional spill or accident, laminate surfaces can also handle the constant indoor/outdoor lifestyle – whether it involves lots of dirt and sand or water from the backyard pool.

5. Long-Term Warranties

Laminate also comes with some of the longest flooring warranties because its lifespan ranges from 15 to 25 years, depending on the quality of the materials selected and the homeowner’s adherence to its minimal maintenance recommendations.

Higher-quality laminate flooring products can have lifetime warranties. Not only is that a testimony to the product’s quality and durability, but it’s also reassuring, long-term protection for homeowners with young families or real estate investors who plan on renting the home out.

6. Timeless Design Appeal

Replacing flooring isn’t something homeowners want to do regularly. In addition to the expense, the idea of moving everything out and back in again isn’t appealing. Laminate floors are an ideal solution.

Because they replicate natural wood floors, they provide a timeless aesthetic that will work with however trend-inspired interior decor evolves. Of course, the quality of the product plays a significant role in that timeless endurance, so always work in person with flooring design professionals so you have clear information about product quality and longevity.

7. Quick Installation Time

Ease of installation is another benefit of laminate floors. Once you make your flooring selections (assuming it’s in stock), your home can have brand new floors in five days or less once we start the installation.

It takes four to five hours to install laminate in the average room. So, the average 1000-square-foot laminate job takes our installers about two to three days from start to finish depending on the preparation involved.

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