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Creative Floors is the Premiere Full-Service Flooring Center for Central Florida

Replacing flooring may not be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it certainly is a big decision, and the results should last for years or decades.

Making long-term choices like that deserves guidance, support, and input from a full-service flooring center.

Creative Floors is Orlando-Area’s #1 Flooring Center

Creative Floors has served Central Florida and Orlando-area homeowners for over 25 years. That’s a testament to the high-quality, full-service experience we offer and you’ll see evidence of that via our Google and Yelp reviews, as well as our continued A+ rating on BBB.

What does full-service mean? That means that we walk with you every step of the way, from the first time you meet with one of our flooring designers until the day your installation is complete.

Expert Flooring Design Consultations

This is one of the things that sets us apart from the flooring consultations you’ll get from the average big box store or online shopping experience. Our employees are flooring experts. We can answer all of your questions about the flooring products, their pros and cons, and the installation experience because there are no “middlemen” or outside vendors/contractors brought in on the scene.

Our professional flooring designers can meet with you at one of our two showrooms, or you can schedule a design consultation at your home. The in-home consultation option is a favorite for many because, in addition to convenience, they can view the samples in the exact location. There’s no need to use your imagination or rely on digital renditions (which comes close but is never exact). An in-home consultation puts you in contact with actual products in a personal space, in real-time.

Personalized Recommendations

We know that choosing flooring for a lifetime (or at least a significant portion of it) requires an in-depth understanding of the household and your lifestyle.

Our flooring designers want to get to know you to the best of our ability, including your plans for the future, so we can make the best recommendations possible.

This is the type of personal attention you can only find when working with a local, customer-centric flooring provider.

Precise Measurements the First Time Around

Accurate estimates require precise measurements. By shopping at a full-service flooring center, you can let the professionals do what they do best; taking the pressure off your shoulders.

DIY flooring measurements can lead to disaster because you can wind up with insufficient flooring, which can leave you in a bind if the line was discontinued or the supplier can’t ship what you need in time for the scheduled install.

Similarly, having more flooring than you need usually leads to storing it or donating it since online or big box suppliers aren’t always willing to take it back (especially if you purchased it on clearance). This means you could have paid less to have precisely what you need without the headache of excess flooring to deal with.

As a full-service flooring center, Creative Floors does all the measuring, figuring, and estimating for you, and you’ll always have the “just right” amount. We know how to accommodate for things like stairs, irregular shaped spaces, or any discrepancies in flooring elevations.

High-Quality Flooring Installation (& Warranties!)

Other vendors may work with local or independent “licensed contractors” to install the materials after delivery, but that is not the same as working with a company that does the installation in-house. You’re dealing with two separate entities, and they aren’t usually willing to back the other company’s quality or lack thereof.

When you choose Creative Floors, you work with the best flooring installers in Central Florida. Our products, installation, and other services are 100% warrantied through our business. When you work with “discount suppliers,” online vendors, or go the DIY route, you may sacrifice all but the most superficial warranties, and you don’t have access to a community-focused support team who truly cares about their customers’ satisfaction and their job well-done.

And, hey! If a discount is what you want, connect with Creative Floors via your favorite social channels or look on our website. We know that customers want the highest-quality flooring they can afford, and we frequently offer amazing sales or special discounts for just that purpose.

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